Radio Fraternity Lodge No. 8040

Charter Granted November 23rd, 1965

Who we Are

Radio Fraternity Lodge No. 8040 was Consacrated on Tuesday 23rd. November 1965. Many famous Amateur Radio Station Callsigns formed the bedrock of the Lodge (see founders) and we, of the present generaton, have come to regard their legacy with pride and affection.

The beginnings were closely linked with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and the London Members Luncheon' Club to which many of the famous Callsigns were active officers and members.

The proposed Fraternity of Radio Amateurs was thought to be, at that time, the first in the World.

It is gratifying that one Founder is still a member in the Lodge today, Honorary Member, W. Bro. John Savage LGR.

Another important aspect in that John's Mother Lodge, St. Michael-Le-Querne No. 2697, sponsored Radio Fraternity Lodge in the petition to Grand Lodge, therefore, Radio Fraternity Lodge had joined a family of distinguished Lodges dating back to the year 1775.

During the last few decades Masonry has experienced changes and revisions in many spheres, such as public perception, membership numbers, costs and accomodation, these aspects have, over those years, made Brethern more aware of the importance of their contribution to the Craft.

An attempt has been made in writing with this history to establish accurate details of the Lodge's foundation and give a continous story researched from written records, some of which are shown in the Appendices Section.

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